Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies

The journal is published bi-annually by the Faculty of Military Science of Stellenbosch University, South Africa. It is an accredited, peer reviewed scholarly journal, which investigates a broad spectrum of matters and issues relating to military affairs, and publishes both discipline-based and inter-disciplinary research.

Vol 44, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

From the Editors

From The Editors PDF
Raymond Steenkamp Fonseca, Justin van der Merwe
In Memoriam: Prof Jeffrey Grey, 1959-2016 PDF
Ian Van der Waag


South Africa and the Search for Strategic Effect in the Central African Republic PDF
Francois Vreÿ, Abel Esterhuyse
Russia’s Hybrid War and its implications for Defence and Security in the United Kingdom PDF
Sascha-Dominik Bachmann, Anthony Paphiti
Private Military and Security Companies policy in Africa: Regional policy stasis as Agency in international politics PDF
Tshepo T. Gwatiwa
The Springboks in East Africa: The role of 1 SA Survey Company (SAEC) in the East African Campaign of World War II, 1940-1941 PDF
Elri Liebenberg
A Re-assessment of the German armaments production during World War II PDF
Ioannis-Dionysios Salavrakos
Development in Adversity: South Africa’s Defence Industrial Participation in Perspective PDF
Johan J Van Dyk, Richard Haines, Geoffrey Wood

Book Reviews

A far-away war: Angola, 1975–1989. Ian Liebenberg, Jorge Risquet and Vladimir Shubin (Eds) PDF
McGill Alexander
Mobility conquers: The story of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group 1978–2005. Willem Steenkamp and Helmoed-Römer Heitman PDF
David Katz
Military Psychology for Africa. GAJ van Dyk PDF
Adelai van Heerden