For Reviewers

Scientia Militaria consistently uses and values a double-blind peer-review process. All articles/submissions must be treated as strictly confidential by the reviewers and the editorial team. All information obtained through the peer-review process, including research data, are not for use by the reviewers or anyone associated with the reviewer privately or for dissemination purposes. Reviewers strive to conduct their reviews without bias and to formulate their observations and comments (including constructive criticism or identifying shortcomings in articles) clearly, concisely and with supporting arguments.

Any peer reviewer who feels unqualified or not interested in reviewing a particular submission should notify the editors and kindly excuse themself from the process. Reviewers should under no circumstances review articles in which they observe and/or are aware of a conflict of interests, be it from personal, collaborative or competitive relationships, connections or networks during the process from the start of reviewing the initial article to the publication of the output. The editors kindly request the reviewers to respond according to the set requirements and feedback period in good time to benefit the authors and the journal.

Lastly, reviewers must please record their comments and observations in the journal’s Refree Report template (click here) and return it to the editor, Dr Kleynhans, once completed.

Feel free to contact the Editor, Dr EP Kleynhans (, or Co-editor, Ms A Delport (, if you have any questions.