• Abel Esterhuyse Faculty of Military Science Stellenbosch University
  • Ian Liebenberg Faculty of Military Science Stellenbosch University


The disparity between strategic aspirations and affordable resources is a strategicreality confronting all militaries. Strategic aspirations tend to be international andforeign policy in orientation, whilst resource decisions are made in the context of thedomestic political domain. Both these decision environments or realities mayseverely affect military forces as was dramatically illustrated recently by the militaryepisode in the Central African Republic. The ordeal, in which fifteen South Africanservicemen were killed, not only brought South Africa’s strategic aspirations in thespotlight; it also highlighted a range of perceived South African political, militaryand operational deficiencies. Some consider this to be South Africa’s Srebrenicamomentand an opportunity for military strategic, operational and institutionalintrospection.
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