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Possessing a good book, given the increasing costs of books, is becoming more and more challenging. And I am not only talking about the absurd high import taxes levied in South Africa. Hitting a button on Google will get you the relevant title more or less immediately and very virtual (“the age of the brutality of global plastic”[i]). For some exorbitant fee, you may offload the work. Using one of the digitally available points of global offset, you may order the relevant work at four or five times (or somewhat more than that) its original price via the internet. In countries that for reasons of exploitation or domination of others adhere to the copyright mentality, you may find the work in the original edition at about 10 to 15 times its original price. Being aware and with eyes wide open underpinned with a lot of human energy and the advice of valued friends, you will find a copy of the same work, frequently in a splendid condition, in a second-hand bookshop, the latter usually outside the parameters of city centres.[i] With apology and acknowledgment tendered to Petrus de Kock, friend, colleague, author, philosopher and academic. This book review also greatly benefitted from discussions with another friend and peer, Gert van der Westhuizen (Media 24), journalist and historian.
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Liebenberg, I. (2015). THE LAST FIGHTING TOMMY: THE LIFE OF HARRY PATCH. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 43(1).
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