The Dynamics of Early 19th Century Nupe Wars

  • Femi J. Kolapo York/UNESCO Nigerian Hinterland Project and History Department, York University, Canada.
Keywords: The Nupe in Nigeria, Leaba, Jebba, eastern boundary of Nupe, Kataeregi, Yoruba in the west, east of Lapai and Gidi, the hills of Gbari country


1. The Nupe in Nigeria

The Nupe of Nigeria inhabit the "low basin formed by the valleys of the Niger and Kaduna rivers, between 9ºE 30' & 8ºE 30' north." They occupy an estimated total land area of about 7,000 square miles. With reference to a modern map of Nigeria, Nadel delineates Nupe's southern boundary to be a line drawn from Leaba, on the Niger, eastward to Kataeregi marks the northern boundary of Nupe land, another line drawn eastward from Shari (or Tsaragi) to Abugi and on to the Niger south of Baro .... The Niger, flowing almost straight north-south between Leaba and Jebba, divides Nupe country from Yoruba in the west; the slowly rising country, east of Lapai and Gidi, sloping upward towards the hills of Gbari country, forms the eastern boundary of Nupe.

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