• Francois Vreÿ Department of Military Strategy, University of Stellenbosch (SA Military Academy)
Keywords: Colin Gray, Modern Strategy, a logical pathway of strategic theory, its history and the future, The Strategist's Toolkit


This recent publication by Colin Gray is perhaps the most modern source of information for understanding the realm of strategy, the current as well as the future strategic environment and its complexities. The publication represents three decades of intellectual property of one of the world's leading theorists on strategic theory _ a phenomenon understood by very few decision makers, but in demand of their close and daily attention whilst grappling with its complexities in a demanding world. It is a publication in the words of the author •.... [b]ut this work is neither a strategic history of the 20th century nor a history of strategy in the twentieth century – rather Modern Strategy is principally about characteristically modern expressions of the ageless phenomena of strategy' The publication thus represents an effort to clarify and give enduring substance to the field of strategy as it increasingly becomes engulfed in rising layers of complexity.
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Vreÿ, F. (2012). MODERN STRATEGY. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 30(1).
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