• Louise Jooste Documentation Service Directorate, SANDF, Pretoria
Keywords: Brian Wade, ISBN 0 9524423 1 0, King Edward's Horse, Bishops Stortford, British Army, the First World War, German territory, Tanganyika, Peace, War and Afterwards


Brian Wade left South Africa in February 1915 to join the British Army so as to serve the Empire during the First World War. After enlisting in King Edward's Horse as a private, he trained at Bishops Stortford and the Curragh in Ireland. He was later commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 7th London Regiment, served mainly in the transport section and saw action in the Somme and Ypres. Due to illness he was medically discharged in February 1918 and returned to South Africa. He subsequently performed colonial service in the former German territory, Tanganyika (present day Tanzania). During his military service and the first seven months he spent in Tanganyika, he kept up a regular correspondence with his mother - he regarded his weekly letter to her "as a sacred duty" - and these letters eventually resulted in Peace, War and Afterwards. As there are only a few personal accounts by South Africans of their experiences as soldiers during the First World War (and even fewer have been published) Peace, War and Afterwards is a most welcome publication.
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