PYRAMIDS AND POPPIES; The 1st SA Infantry Brigade in Libya, France and Flanders 1915-1919

  • Noëlle Cowling Directorate Documentation Service, SANDF
Keywords: Peter K.A. Digby, ISBN 1874800537, 1st South African Brigade, World War One, combat in Europe or North Africa, Sanussi campaign, Libya, France, Flanders


Pyramids and Poppies by Peter Digby is a book entirely devoted to the fortunes, and misfortunes, of the 1st South African Brigade during World War One. The Brigade was the first South African force ever to experience combat in Europe or North Africa. As this grants the contingent a distinctive standing in local military history, Pyramids and Poppies is a book which will be of interest, not only to World War One enthusiasts, but to most of warfare's other ardent fans as well.
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