War in Italy, with the South Africans from Taranto to the Alps.

  • Noëlle Cowling Directorate Documentation Services, SANDF
Keywords: Jack Kros, Ashanti Publishers, South Africans at war series, South Africa's understated contribution to major global conflicts, SAAF, World War Two


War in Italy by Jack Kros is the eighth release in the "South Africans at war" series which is currently being published by Ashanti Publishers, The book comes in a hardcover edition which boasts many photographs and maps, some of which have not been published before. The Ashanti series as a whole undoubtedly contributes to a greater awareness of South Africa's often understated contribution to some of the major global conflicts of the 20th century although at times, many of the authors are guilty of tending toward a journalistic approach rather than an historical one. This is also true of Jack Kros, who is a journalist and as such he remains true to his profession. This however should not disqualify Kros or detract from his ablity. A point in his favour is that he flew with the SAAF during World War Two, and consequently he delivers a lively and empathetic account of that War.


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