MILITARIA 1969 - 1991

  • C.J. Nöthling
Keywords: The first issue of Militaria, 1969, Capt E. Jonker, BA (Hons), the first author, brief historical tribute, of a scientific orientated military historical periodical


The first issue of Militaria appeared during 1969 and Capt E. Jonker, BA (Hons) had the distinction of being the first author, (see author's index for details). During the past 22 years 88 issues have been published containing a vast array of articles, mainly of a military historical nature, by a variety of authors. This special issue pays a brief historical tribute to those who helped create Militaria.

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C.J. Nöthling
Senior Staf-offisier Publikasies en Projekte van die Direktoraat Openbare Betrekkinge.
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