• E.M. Meyers Militêre Informasieburo
Keywords: The first real State President's Guards, The origin of the State President's guard, Union Defence Force, Artillery Corps


The origin of the State President's guard with special uniform can be traced back to the early Republican days and the founding of Artillery Corps' by Presidents Brand and Burgers of the Free State and Zuid Afrikaansche Republics, respectively. To some degree the earliest and later uniforms were based on the ceremonial uniforms of the artillery and therefore these uniforms are discussed and described in detail by the author of this article. It is also interesting to note the influence of various nations on one another with regard to military uniforms. The first real State President's Guards wore a green uniform and the author discusses all the changes that it underwent through the years. A blue uniform was inter alia proposed in 1980 but finally rejected by the Prime Minister in 1984. Instructions were issued to put forth new ideas. All the arguments in favour of a new uniform are discussed in the article and in 1985 the new uniform was finally taken into use. The helmet reminds one of that of the Union Defence Force and the SSB and the uniform itself is that of the Army with a few ceremonial pieces added thereto.
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Meyers, E. (2012). UNIFORM VAN DIE STAATSPRESIDENTSWAG - HERKOMS EN TRADISIE. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 16(5). https://doi.org/10.5787/16-5-445