Foreigners in the defence of South Africa

  • L. Jooste Military Information Bureau
Keywords: foreigners in the defence of South Africa, employed to strengthen the Cape garrison, Anglo-Boer War, Europeans joined the Boer forces


South Africa and the rest of the Free World is presently engaged in a concerted struggle against the Russian communists who seek to gain world power. The Soviet Union is striving to subject South Africa to a communist regime which would enable it to gain access to the country's geostrategic facilities as well as its mineral wealth. The physical assault against the Republic is conducted by Russian supported revolutionary and terrorist organizations whose aim it is to cause anarchy, chaos, dislocation and wide-spread violence. Additionally, Cuban and East German surrogate forces are operating in neighbouring countries to the north. These threats against South Africa are escalating in scope and intensity by the day and for this reason, it is obliged to muster the support of everyone in the country. including that of non- South Africans. In the past the defence of the Republic rested exclusively on the shoulders of South African-born young men whose selfless service was often sacrificed at the cost of their academic, professional and personal ambitions. Their military commitments. moreover. placed them at a disadvantage against non-citizens who, exempted from duty, could pursue their tertiary educational careers unhindered. However, the newly-promulgated amendment to the Defence Act, which makes provision for the acquisition of South African citizenship by virtue of residence in this country, seeks to spread the defence burden more justly. New South African citizens have therefore been called upon since October 1984 to accept co-responsibility for military duty in the country.
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