Gedemilitariseerde sones: 'n Doeltreffende konflikbeslegtingsmetode?

  • W.J.J. Coetzer Militêre Geografie, Militêre Akademie
Keywords: Substitutes for final political solutions, Verenigde Volke Organisasie (VVO),  Gedemilitariseerde sones, Defuse the conflict situation, Tipes gedemilitariseerde sones


It is assumed that demilitarized zones serve a useful purpose in physically dividing fighting factions. In this article the author advocates the point that in practice, demilitarized zones become nothing more than substitutes for final political solutions. He also maintains that demilitarized zones tend to worsen rather than defuse the conflict situation.
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Coetzer, W. (2012). Gedemilitariseerde sones: ’n Doeltreffende konflikbeslegtingsmetode?. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 16(4).