• H.W. Kleinecke Military Information bureau
Keywords: UN arms embargo, military threat to South Africa's security, Armaments Corporation of South Africa, Armscor has developed wheeled vehicles, Ratel Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicles, Ratel 20 Infantry fighting Vehicle (IFV), the Ratel 60 IFV, the Ratel 90 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV)


The UN arms embargo and the increasing military threat to South Africa's security during the 1960's and early 1970's forced South Africa to establish its own arms industry. The Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor) which was instituted in 1968 was given the task of coordinating the development of South Africa's military industrisl infrastructure in order to produce and provide for the SADF military equipment which matched or bettered that which the country's enemies could muster. It is interesting to note here that all weapon systems are designed and manufactured with the harsh African evironment in mind. For instance, for all military vehicles high mobility is of the utmost importance, and because great distances have to be covered in the African bush, Armscor has developed wheeled vehicles in preference to tracked vehicles.


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