• G. Gertsch SADF
Keywords: modern warfare, discovery of gunpowder, History of Artillery, Anatomy of the gun, field gun-horwitzer, first heavy artillery weapon, 155mm self-propelled howitzer L33


How strange appears today the state of confusion over modern warfare, in which the rumble and roar of technological wonders have replaced the traditional clash of steel and twang of bow strings. How different from the days when an army could turn its victory upon the routing of a band of clod hopping peasants, armed only with brickbats and pitchforks. A strange milieu for the average 20th century man - bristling with lethal weapons yet terrified of the latest devilish devices thought up by latter-day alchemists; as vulnerable to the foe as ever a warrior was.
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Gertsch, G. (2012). ARTILLERY. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 10(1).