South Africa. War, Revolution or Peace?

  • J.E.H. Grobler Militaria
Keywords: L.H. Gann and Peter Duignan, history of Africa, the Afrikaner people and their republic, South Africa's strategic and economic potential


South Africans today have practically resigned themselves to expect nothing more than emotionally subjective works when foreign academics discuss the Afrikaner people and their republic at the southern tip of Africa. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to read Drs Gann and Duignan's calm analysis of certain key aspects in connection with that most criticized state, its rulers, its peoples and its future. As the authors are both well-known historians, who have teamed up for the production of numerous works on the history of Africa, and as both have travelled in South Africa, have met its peoples and have discussed their problems with them, the book should be regarded as authoritative, especially as many of the most trustworthy available sources were used in its compilation.
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