• G.E. Dokumentasiediens, SAW SADF
Keywords: Uniform en Kentekens, Regiment Groot Karoo, Gideon Scheepers,


Established in 1934 as an infantry unit with its headquarters at Cradock the writer traces the background to this event and the early years of its existence before the outbreak of the Second World War. In June 1941, after a period of intensive training in the Union as a machine-gun battalion, the unit, departed for Egypt. In the North African campaign various of its companies saw action at Bardia, Sollum, Halfaya, Tobruk and EI Alamein. After the war the regiment was re-established as an armoured-car reconnaissance unit. The writer traces its further development with its change of name in 1954 to the 'Gideon Scheepers Regiment' and in 1960 to the 'Great Karoo Regiment' and a change of function to that of armoured infantry regiment.
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