• Ian Liebenberg
  • Abel Esterhuyse


The editors of Scientia Militaria are proud to present the first edition of 2010. The
new editors took over from Francois Vreÿ and a distinguished editorial team.
Scientia Militaria was privileged to have had a succession of highly qualified and
committed editors over the past decades. It is no small order to step into their shoes.
To our benefit, many of the early members are still around, playing an active role;
others are present as critical soundboards and sources of institutional memory and
knowledge. As editorial collective, we intend to keep Scientia Militaria as an
accredited journal on a high standard with contents of interest to military scientists,
military and strategic theorists, informed practitioners and civil society actors alike.
Scientia Militaria is now in its 41st year. The journal acts as a showcase and
theoretical platform for security, military, strategy and civil-military matters from
both the social and natural sciences. As an interdisciplinary journal, we would like to
keep this interface between various disciplines alive as part of the unending dialogue
on security in its broadest possible scope. Given our context, the journal will
continue to present a strong focus on the African continent in general and on
South(ern) Africa in particular. With this scope and focus, we trust that the journal
will provide solid and pleasurable reading to our readership.


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Liebenberg, I., & Esterhuyse, A. (2011). FROM THE EDITORS. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies, 38(1).
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