• P.O. Verbeek Militêre Geografie, Militêre Akademie
Keywords: Frelimo, transformation of Mozambique, 21 June 1975, Cabo Delgade, 'de Jure' government, insurgency, The revolution in Portugal


When Frelimo came to power on 21 June 1975 the transformation of Mozambique into an insurgent state was completed. The development of an insurgent state is not spontaneous but usually starts in a region characterised by its opposition towards the 'de Jure' government or its lack of political stability. Once the insurgent movement is established - in the case of Mozambique the movement originated in the northern province of Cabo Delgade - it is carried to the other regions of the target territory. Not all the regions infiltrated are usually in favour of insurgency and there is resistance in many cases. This resistance may be co-ordinated with the practical aid of the ruling government and can hinder the growth of such a movement. In the case of Mozambique the revolution in Portugal led to the withdrawal of the Portuguese troops, leaving those tribes opposed to Frelimo's insurgency without any military aid at all. Frelimo realized the predicament and seized this golden opportunity to consolidate its forces, and take over the state.


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