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Cairns, Warren RL, University of Ca' Foscari of Venice
Callister, Graeme
Canaday, Margot
Carnelley, Marita
Carter, Bruce
Cawthra, Gavin, University of the Witwatersrand
Cawthra, Gavin, Chair in Defence and Security Management at the Wits School of Government, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
Chadwick, G.A., National Monuments Council; South African War Graves Board; Director Centennial Commemoration: Battle of Majuba
Chambers, R., NSM, COLET
Cheng, CS
Cioculescu, Şerban Filip, Department of Political Science University of Bucharest
Claase, A.G., Militaria
Cockbain, T.G.E., SSA, SM, Port Alfred
Coetzee, Serena, University of Pretoria
Coetzee, Wayne, University of Goteborg
Coetzer, W.J.J., Militêre Geografie, Militêre Akademie
Combrinck, J.A., Dokumentasiediens, SAW
Cone, Cornelia, Centre for International Political Studies, University of Pretoria
Conradie, D, Documentation Service, SADF
Conradie, D., Militaria
Conradie, D., Military Information Bureau
Conradie, D., Military Information Bureau, SADF
Conradie, D., Militêre Informasieburo, SAW
Conradie, G., Military Academy, Saldanha
Cooper, Antony , CSIR & University of Pretoria
Cornwell, Richard, SADF
Correia, Paulo
Coster, K.R., ICD, OBE
Couchon, Alfred R
Cousins, F.A.M., SA Army Orchestra
Cowling, N.M., Directorate Documentation Service, SANDF
Cowling, Noëlle
Cowling, Noëlle, Directorate Documentation Service, SANDF
Cowling, Noëlle, Directorate Documentation Services, SANDF
Cowling, Noëlle, Documentation Service SANDF
Cowling, Noëlle, Documentation Service, and administrates the SADF's Nomenclature portfolio.
Cowling, Noëlle, Documentation Service, SADF
Cowling, Noëlle, Documentation Service, SANDF
Crook, L.A., Cape Field Artillery
Crook, L.A., Chief of the Army
Crook, L.A., SM, JCD, Tokai, Cape Town
Cular, Anita

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