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Oberholzer, J.J., SADF (South Africa)
Odebiyi, Adetanwa, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Centre for Development and Conflict Management Studies. Ile-Ife, Nigeria (Nigeria)
Odendaal, G.C., South African Medical Services (South Africa)
Odgaard, Liselotte (South Africa)
Oelschig, F., 6 SA Infanteriebataljon (South Africa)
Ojo, Emmanuel, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Olboeter, H. (South Africa)
Olivier, Laetitia, South African National Defence Force
Olivier, Laetitia
Oosthuizen, Francois, Department of History, Vista University (South Africa)
Oosthuizen, G.J.J., Department of History, Potchefstroom University for CHE (South Africa)
Oosthuizen, G.J.J., Departement Geskiedenis, PU VIR CHO (South Africa)
Oosthuizen, Gerhard J. J., North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) (South Africa)
Open, Neil D., JCD (South Africa)
Oranje, Mark, Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Orpen, N.D., Militaria (South Africa)
Osakwe, Chukwuma, Department of History and International Studies Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna (Nigeria)
Osakwe, Chukwuma, Nigerian Defence Academy (Nigeria)
Osemwegie, Louis, Royal Military College of Canada (Canada)
Otto, W, Militaria (South Africa)
Otto, W, SADF (South Africa)
Otto, W, Dokumentasiedlens, SAW (South Africa)
Otto, W., SADF (South Africa)
Otto, W., SAN (South Africa)
Otto, W., Militaria (South Africa)
Otto, W., Dokumentasiediens, SAW (South Africa)
Otto, W., Dokumentasiedlens, SAW (South Africa)

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