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Jacobs, André, Subject Group Military Geography, Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., Dokumentasiediens SANW (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., Dokumentasiediens, SAW (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., SA Army College (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., Krygsgeskiedenis, Militêre Akademie (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J. (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., Resident military historian South African National War College (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., SA Army College, Thaba Tswane (South Africa)
Jacobs, C.J., Direktoraat Dokumentasiediens, SANW (South Africa)
Jacobs, CJ, Senior Researcher and Military Historian, South African National War College (South Africa)
Jacobs, F.J., SADF (South Africa)
Jacobs, G., SADF (South Africa)
Jacobs, James
Jacobs, N., Militaria (South Africa)
Janse van Rensburg, H. S., Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Japhet, M., SADF Documentation Service (South Africa)
Japhet, M., Documentation Services, SADF (South Africa)
Japhet, M., Documentation Service, SADF (South Africa)
Jørgenson, Thomas, Department of Development Research, Danish Institute for International Studies (Denmark)
Jewell, James Robbins, Bloomsburg University and West Virginia University. (South Africa)
Johnson, A.G., MBE ED (South Africa)
Johnson, G.H.T., SAN (South Africa)
Jonker, E., SADF (South Africa)
Jooste, L., Dokumentasiediens, SANW (South Africa)
Jooste, L., Dokumentasiediens SA W (South Africa)
Jooste, L. (South Africa)
Jooste, L., Military Information Bureau
Jooste, L., Direktoraat Dokumentasiediens, SANW (South Africa)
Jooste, Louise, Documentation Service Directorate, SANDF, Pretoria (South Africa)
Jordaan, Evert, South African Defence Secretariat (South Africa)
Jordaan, Evert, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Joubert, Lydelle

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