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Pabst, Martin, Political Analyst, Munich
Palka, Eugene J.
Paphiti, Anthony
Pardoe, G.R., Documentation Service, SADF
Parkins, N.C., Directorate Vocational Development, SADF
Payne, Clarence
Picard, J.
Picard, J., Language Service, SADF
Picard, J.H., SADf
Picard, J.H., SADF Language Service
Picard, J.H., SADF Language Services
Picard, J.H., Taaldiens, SAW
Ploeger, J, Staathistorikus
Ploeger, Jan
Ploeger, Jan, Argief en Navorsing, SAW
Ploeger, Jan, Argief Navorsing, SAW
Ploeger, Jan, Die Staatsargief, Pretoria
Ploeger, Jan, Militaria
Ploeger, Jan, SSG Argief en Navorsing, SAW
Ploeger, Jan, SSO Argief en Navorsing, SAW
Ploeger, Jan, SSO Argief en Navorsing, SAW,
Ploeger, Jan, Staatargief, Pretoria
Ploeger, Jan, Staathistorikus
Ploeger, Jan, Staatsargief, Pretoria
Ploeger, Jan, Staatsargief, Pretoria.
Ploeger, Jan, Staatshistorikus
Potgieter, T.D.
Potgieter, T.D., Military Academy
Potgieter, Thean
Potgieter, Thean, Centre of Military Studies (CEMIS), Stellenbosch University
Potgieter, Thean, Subject Group Military History, Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Potgieter, Thean D., Military History Department, Faculty of Military Science, University of Stellenbosch.
Pretorius, C.M.L., Militêre Informasieburo, SAW
Pretorius, Fransjohan
Pretorius, Fransjohan (South Africa)
Pretorius, Joelien
Prinloo, C., Militaria
Prinsloo, C., Militaria
Pritvorov, Andrei, Centre for Southern African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

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